Friday 8 October 2021

Materials from the Garden (2)


The previous post describes how Materials from the Garden came about so this post will show more of the installation and related events. Other images and info can be seen @pennyhallas

Myriorama: series of 13 drawings 218x152 cms and 218x126cms. 
Crayon, charcoal and black chalk on paper.

FORCE video: projection onto water tank & myriorama 

FloodBox video: projection onto water tank & myriorama
dahlia addition (extract)

Usk flood pumping video projected onto myriorama with 
FORCE video projected onto water tank (extract)

Lyndon Davies Saxophone performance, amongst video 
projection & decayed buckets from Black Mountains
 waste tips (extract). 
For full performance see

Me - experimenting with buckets and video projection

The following are stills of performance, with Lyn Davies and Allen Fisher. 

To see Allen Fisher's artworks and performance: - 

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