Monday 27 April 2015


Back to the caves

Thanks to Arts Alive Wales' Creative Network mini-fund I've been able to buy a portable projector to experiment with film in Eglwys Faen cave using the tunnels and layers of graffiti as canvas, and making new film and recordings. 

These are stills from some first trials: projecting and re-filming clips of roads and waterways linked to past and present industry in the area.

refilming onto collected cats eyes flipped to the side of the road

This blog has charted work over the last few years, observing, drawing, photographing some of the strange remains of the interplay between human and natural activity in and around the caves - see systems and following posts.

 This new work continues exploration of the translocation and transformation of found objects as a way of thinking about how we navigate systems - relational, cultural, geographic, historical - 

and what happens when connection's lost, broken or hidden. 

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