Friday 4 April 2014


Paybox is an exhibition of drawing and film made in response to the collection at Newport Museum. 

The exhibition represents initial thoughts for Boxing the Chimera, an ongoing Arts Council Wales funded research and development project exploring the real and imagined contents of three museums in South Wales.

The title refers to payboxes on display - some of the hundreds once used at the Rogerstone nail-works.

I draw on other items in the collection, partly to fantasise wildly around what the pay could have meant to one nameless imaginary worker, but also to see what happens when such diverse objects are wrenched from their contexts or brought together in unexpected combinations.

Just one box had remaining contents - number 700 - 
 which comes with a payslip, poignantly dated October 24th 1914.

Followers of this blog will know that I started to describe themes underpinning the Boxing the Chimera project in the Systems and Boxes posts below. Boxing the Chimera has been running concurrently with an a-n review bursary.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 3rd to Saturday 31st May 
for details of opening times and how to get there.

On 16th May, 5pm - 6.30pm there will be a Paybox Workshop.
Participants will be asked to imagine the life of the worker and to consider what their paybox may have meant to him or her. By means of drawing and collage we will work together to create a visual exploration and celebration of a working life, its realities and its dreams. 

Following the workshop there will be a private view, 7pm - 8pm.

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